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Here is the original inspiration for the blockbuster Night At The Museum movies—starring Ben Stiller—from 20th Century Fox. In this charming, funny picture book that started it all, Larry becomes a night guard at New York’s Museum of Natural History. He thinks it’s going to be an easy job, but is he in for a surprise. After dozing off, he wakes up to find the most amazing vanishing act in the museum’s history. The museum’s entire collection of dinosaur skeletons has disappeared! In a panic, Larry rushes from one room to the next—then dashes outside into Central Park, and then next door into the planetarium. Where did the skeletons go? Who is the dinosaur thief? How in the world will Larry ever get those dinosaur bones back? Originally published by Barron’s in 1993, this mystery-comedy picture book features the author’s original captivating, hilarious, full-color illustrations on every page. (Ages 4–7, F&P Reading Level: N )

From the Reviews:
“Barron’s, the Hauppauge [New York] publisher whose popular juvenile picture book The Night at the Museum has now been made into a Twentieth Century Fox motion picture starring Ben Stiller and Robin Williams, has now published a second juvenile title relating to the film… Night at the Museum, the Junior Novelization, is written for kids ages 8-12 by Leslie Goldman. Both this new novelization and the original 1993 book, written and illustrated by Milan Trenc and geared for very young readers, tell the fun and fanciful story of an endearing underachiever, Larry Daley, played by Ben Stiller.”
The Smithtown News, December 21-28, 2006

About The Author:
Milan Trenc
is a New York City-based commercial artist, book illustrator, and children’s author. His illustrations have appeared in many publications, including Heavy Metal Magazine, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Fortune Magazine, and others.

Paperback / 32 Pages / 8 x 11 / 2006

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