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    Learn to Gain Your Dog’s Obedience and Trust by Understanding How It Thinks and Behaves

    2nd Edition

    Colin Tennant - All books by this author

    This expanded and updated edition is filled with many new color photos and brand-new page layouts. It reviews fundamentals of canine psychology—how dogs understand and communicate, and how many of their instincts differ from our own. The author also instructs readers on using vocal and hand signals to teach basic commands, such as “sit” and “stay.” The book’s main focus is on humane methods for breaking bad canine habits through consistent training. Problems and solutions include: dealing with a dominant dog in the home; house-training and paper-training, excessive barking; aggressive or destructive behavior; stealing food, and much more. Also discussed are the best way to introduce a new dog into the family, how to deal with a dog’s phobias, and how to prevent a dog from digging up the yard. The book features instructive sidebar features and color photos on every page.

    From the reviews:
    “Lavish, educational, and adorable photographs accompany text.”
    —Ellen Kanner, Dog Fancy, January 2004

    About The Author:
    Colin Tennant
    began his career in canine obedience training at the Asoka Training School in Manchester, England, and later founded the London Dog Training Group. He has trained animals for TV shows and has appeared on the B.B.C. and other television networks to offer pet-training advice.


    Paperback / 208 Pages / 8 1/2 x 10 / 2010

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