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Finding Your Path to Inner Peace
Helen Raphael Sands - All books by this author

Walking around the circuits of a labyrinth is an intriguing new method of meditation, claimed by many to have both spiritual and physical healing attributes. Here is a remarkable self-development book that offers instruction and inspiration on labyrinth walking. The author begins by describing her personal journey of labyrinth exploration. She goes on to note the recent rapid growth of interest in labyrinths, with major sites located in 38 states, from California to New Jersey, as well as in many other places around the world. In this beautifully illustrated volume, she describes the method of laying a labyrinth on the earth or on a floor, then tells how it needs to be brought alive through group participation in rhythms of music and dance. She explains the labyrinth’s underlying theory—

The Threshold—or entrance to the labyrinth, where the details of everyday life are shed and the mind becomes receptive
Journeying in—finding how the mind focuses as the body moves toward the labyrinth’s center
The Resting Place—arriving at the labyrinth’s center, then pausing to await inspiration
Journeying Out—discovering a rebirth and preparing to re-enter the outside world with a new sense of purpose

The author provides step-by-step instructions for making a labyrinth, tracing out designs and scaling them up to full size. Full-color illustrations throughout.

About the author:
Helen Raphael Sands leads healing workshops at sacred and secular sites in her native England and several places on the European continent, notably Chartres Cathedral in France. She has developed the practice of labyrinth walking into a therapeutic form of meditation.

From the Reviews:
"The dust jacket of this lovely book is a feast for the eyes and a good indication of the treat awaiting the fortunate reader who ventures inside. I knew a little bit about labyrinths before I started reading this book, but when I had finished it I wanted to run right out to my yard and start building a labyrinth myself—and the book tells you how!...This book is so well written and designed—it features dozens of beautiful photographs and paintings on page after glossy page—that it doubles as an art book. Sands is a wonderful guide along a twisting path that leads readers to deeper knowledge of themselves, and her wonderful grasp of the labyrinth as a living metaphor for our interior journeys is inspiring. We are all on a long road to self-discovery, and The Healing Labyrinth will bring readers a few literal steps closer to realizing their dream of themselves."
—Tove Moon, Independent Reviewer for New Age Retailer, July/August 2001

Hardcover w/jacket / 112 Pages / 8 1/4 x 9 / 2001

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