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    Over 300 Great Recipes
    Carla Bardi, with Rachel Lane and Ting Morris - All books by this author

    TThis brand-new title in Barron’s lavish series of palate-pleasing and recipe-filled Golden Books conjures up those wonderful pastry shops of Paris—rich with heavenly aromas and delights that gratify both the eye and the taste buds. The Golden Book of Baking presents 300 glorious recipes and color photos that guide home chefs toward perfection in the art of creating and enjoying the very finest baked delicacies. The kitchen-proven recipes are categorized as follows:

    • Cookies, Bars, and Brownies: raspberry delights, Bavarian apple cones, marbled cream cheese squares, and many more
    • Small Cakes: apple and pecan cupcakes, orange madeleines, chocolate coconut cupcakes, and many more
    • Butter Cakes: basic pound cake, double chocolate pound cake, pecan crunch yogurt cake, upside-down apple cake, and many more
    • Layer Cakes: tricolor cake, Black Forest cake, strawberry cream gâteau, and many more
    • Pies and Tarts: lemon and lime meringue pie, chocolate and hazelnut tart, fruits of the forest pie, coconut cream tart, and many more
    • Pastries: almond bows, coffee éclaires, almond and walnut baklava, peach puff, and many more
    • Yeast Cakes: apple crumble kuchen, stollen, brioche, chocolate chelsea buns, and many more
    • Savories: scones, spicy Thai rolls, pepper and olive tart, ham and onion spirals, and many more
    The three expert authors have graded their recipes for classic and modern baked delicacies on a scale of 1, 2, and 3 to indicate level of difficulty. Most recipes fall into categories 1 and 2, but adventurous home chefs who think they can match the expertise of Paris’s finest pâtisseries are invited to test their skill by attempting challenging recipes like the Red Fruit Dacquoise layer cake, or a baking sheet filled with authentically French Chocolate Éclairs! The book’s introduction includes important recommendations regarding ingredients, preparation methods, and baking equipment. More than 300 full-page, taste-tempting color photos show each baked delicacy, fresh from the oven and ready to serve and enjoy. This handsome volume features a ribbon place marker and gold-tipped page edges.
      Carla Bardi’s Tips for Genuine French Patisserie-Style Baking

    • Always use softened butter at room temperature when creaming with sugar.
    • Eggs should also be at room temperature because cold eggs can curdle the batter.
    • Today’s flour is all pre-sifted, so sifting is unnecessary before adding to batter.
    • Solid ingredients, such as chocolate chips, should always be added last. Stir in by hand or use a mixer on low speed.

    About The Author:
    Carla Bardi
    is the author of many internationally popular cookbooks, many of them devoted to Italian cuisine. She is also co-author of The Golden Book of Chocolate and The Golden Book of Cookies, both published in North America by Barron’s.


    Hardcover w/jacket and ribbon marker / 704 Pages / 6 1/2 x 8 9/16 / 2009

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