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    Sam and his friends are camping overnight, and even though their tents are pitched no farther from home than Samís backyard, itís still an adventure. But night has fallen and Sam is feeling nervous. Is a monster lurking somewhere in the dark shadows? Sam begins searching, and kids who open this book can search with him. Adopting the touch-and-feel format on every page, this book features large color illustrations with a cardboard pocket on each picture. Kids are invited to reach into each pocket to help Sam seek out the monster. First, Sam tiptoes into the dark garage as the other kids look on. He reaches beneath an old blanket, where somebody—or something—might be hiding, and he touches something moist. Is it the monsterís drool? A pocket into a tentís opening lets Sam—and young readers—touch something furry. The monsterís body? When Sam and his readers reach down into a dry well, they touch something with spiky points. The monsterís tail? At last, reaching beneath a canvas tarpaulin that covers an old row boat, Sam and his readers touch the monster himself! A big pop-up head springs out from the bookís final two-page spread. All the other kids flee, but Sam is no longer frightened. This monster is smiling and friendly. (Ages 3Ė6)
    (0764166085 )

    Hardcover w/pop-up page / 22 Pages / 10 3/8 x 9 / 2013

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