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    The Ultimate Breed-by-Breed Guide to Choosing a Dog that’s Your Ideal Match
    David Alderton - All books by this author

    Popular dating Web sites use innovative profiling to help people find their ideal matches. In Your Perfect Dog, a similar approach is used to help prospective dog owners find the best canine for their homes and lifestyles. After all, a pet is a long-term companion that will essentially become a member of the family. It makes sense to ensure that owner and pet personalities are compatible.

    Renowned canine expert, David Alderton, uses 20 simple human profiles that analyze potential owners by age, work situation, housing, family size, hobbies, fitness, and more. He then profiles 175 dog breeds—from sporting dogs and terriers to herders and hunting dogs—with plenty of details on each dog’s physical attributes, likes and dislikes, specific requirements, and more. For each dog, the 20 human profiles are graded on a scale from 1 to 10. A perfect 10 indicates a perfect match! A fun and straightforward way to select a beloved new pet. Includes a glossary of terms and more than 200 color photos.

    About The Author:
    David Alderton
    is a writer specializing in pets and natural history. His articles on pet care have appeared in many magazines and newspapers, and his books have been translated into 30 languages. He has written several dog books, including, The Essential Guide to Understanding Your Dog’s Behavior and The Dog Selector, also published in North America by Barron’s.


    Hardcover / 208 Pages / 8 ˝ x 10 / 2014

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