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    D. Caroline Coile, Ph.D. - All books by this author

    Barron’s Dog Bibles - All books in this series

    This exciting and dynamic series for dog lovers and prospective dog purchasers discusses specific dog breeds in detail, describes each breed’s physical traits, history, and behavior characteristics, and instructs on training methods. Important topics covered include—
    • What to look for when choosing a puppy
    • Living with a dog and understanding breed-specific traits
    • Everyday care, grooming, and exercise
    • Nutrition, health maintenance, and potential breed-specific health problems
    • Training and play activities
    Extra features include sidebars with breed facts and helpful hints, quick tips on training, and 150-to-200 attractive color photos. A hidden spiral binding ensures that the book will stay open and flat at any desired page.

    A DVD is enclosed with each book. It presents an informal dog training course for new owners, describing methods for house training, walking dogs on a leash, and teaching obedience to hand signals and vocal commands.

    These tiny dogs make great companions for apartment dwellers. Yorkies are affectionate but can be bossy unless properly trained. Their beautiful coat requires special care.


    Hardcover w/hidden spiral binding and enclosed DVD / 184 Pages / 6 3/4 x 9 3/8 / 2009

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