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A Brainless Collection of Puzzles and Games for Loads of Undead Fun
Lauren Farnsworth - All books by this author

Vampires are over. Werewolves are passť. Witches are so yesterday. Itís the zombieís time to shine! Freakishly strong, disgustingly decayed, and always up for a slow chase through deserted streets, the army of the undead have stolen our hearts (or brains if they can get their hands on them), and we canít get enough! Little Zombie Activity Book will keep young zombie fans entertained for hours. They can:

  • Solve puzzles to help zombies relocate missing body parts
  • Make yummy yet foul-looking treats, like zombie jelly and edible eyeballs
  • Learn Gross-but-True trivia and interesting facts about the brain
  • Complete color-by-number, fill-in-the-blanks, and connect-the-dot drawings
  • There are also coloring and doodle pages, quizzes and games, projects to do with friends, and the ever popular Zombie-doku (like Sudoku, but with brains, eyeballs, and bones instead of numbers). Zombie lovers of all ages will agree, Little Zombie Activity Book is wonderfully warped! (Ages 8 and up)


    Paperback / 64 Pages / 7 1/2 x 9 3/4 / 2014

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