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Painting and Crafting with the Humble Pebble
Denise Scicluna - All books by this author

Great uses for rocks: throwing, skipping, kicking…how about painting? Rock painting is one of the oldest forms of artistic expression known to man. The varied surfaces, shapes, and sizes of rocks also make them perfect for crafts. From brooches to bookends, paperweights to place cards, miniature owls to patterned pebbles, you can create just about anything with the right rock and a bit of imagination. In Rock Art!, visual artist Denise Scicluna provides inspiration and advice for rocking our artsy side with:
  • Tips for finding and identifying rocks and preparing them for paint
  • Techniques for creating the perfect “rock” from polymer clay
  • A guide to gathering tools, from paint, pencils, and brushes to wood filler and varnish
  • Dozens of projects for bringing pebbles to life with personality and style
Simple, step-by-step instructions, and more than 250 full-color illustrations that practically pop off the page make this fun and unusual book perfect for crafters of all ages.

From the reviews:
* Starred Review - “Among the pages of colorful inspiration, readers will find advice on selecting and prepping pebbles; sources for those not into hunting down their own rocks; and 250 color photos with instructions suitable for all ages. Scicluna’s rocks are not to be skipped.”
Publisher’s Weekly

“Everyday river rocks aren’t commonly considered a craft material, but rock painting is easy to do and inexpensive enough for beginners to try without much financial commitment. Crafting with natural materials is a popular topic, and although painting rocks seems like a simple enough task without the assistance of a book, the inspiration and project suggestions provided here may be helpful to crafters.”
Library Journal

“Gather a few rocks, your favorite colors of paint, a handy paintbrush, and this book to unleash your imagination! With more than 40 themes to transform a simple pebble into a painted animal, character, or useful item, your latest obsession will become rock art painting. Color photographs show step-by-step painting techniques to create intricate Mandalas, cute Pebble Pets and Wise Owls, and a miniature Cacti Garden (without pricking your finger!).”
Craft Ideas Magazine

About The Author:
Denise Scicluna
is a London-based visual artist who specializes in photography, painting, and crafts. She is interested in the “handmade” culture and often incorporates this concept in her projects and photo shoots.


Paperback / 128 Pages / 7 x 9 / 2015

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