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Descriptions of Wines from Around the World
4th Edition

Ron Herbst and Sharon Tyler Herbst - All books by this author

From The Midwest Book Review:
"Now in an updated fourth edition, The New Wine Lover's Companion is a user-friendly reference to the world of fine wine, with alphabetical entries covering everything from "alluvial soil" (a type of soil prized in the viticultural world for the flavorful grapes it produces) to "Zinfandel" (a red-wine grape grown primarily in California). Charts and tables, guides to storing and serving wine, a bibliography, and much more round out this superb resource. Highly recommended, especially for anyone curious to learn more about the depth of wine culture."

From The Wine Buzz,
"If you're looking for a straightforward, user-friendly wine reference, The New Wine Lover's Companion is an ideal holiday gift for any lover of the grape, novice and sommelier alike. Authors, food and wine writers Ron and Sharon Tyler Herbst, give you the back story; sometimes they limit it to a paragraph, often the 'definition' takes up an entire page. And the terms aren't only those you read in wine reviews. You get the full treatment, and stories within stories. The entry for barrique doesn't stop at telling you it means "barrel;" go to "barrel" and you learn about a dozen different kinds of wine barrels, from a feuillette and a Fuder to a DoppelstŁck, puncheon and ViertelstŁck — how they were named, where they're used and what's inside the cask. If you're interested in wine, it's really fascinating stuff. Even better are the multiple appendices — 23, in fact — instructing readers about wine labels, optimum serving temperatures, glassware, bottle types, down to the Classifications of Bordeaux, Graves and Saint-…milion, 1855 through 1996, in excruciating detail. This informative book is practically an entire wine education. All that's missing are the maps, and it's fun to read. And if you miss those lists of wine tasting terms you're accustomed to seeing, there's an appendix for that, too. As references go, The Wine Lover's Companion is a page-turner. If youíre looking for a straightforward, user-friendly wine reference, The New Wine Loverís Companion is an ideal holiday gift for any lover of the grape, novice and sommelier alike."

From Jacques Pťpin, cookbook author and TV chef:
"A great reference! . . . excellent and accurate source for both wine professionals and those involved with wine purely for the love of it."

From William Rice, Food and Wine Columnist, Chicago Tribune:
"Öan invaluable, user-friendly reference. I learned something from the very first page I turned to, and keep learning as I keep turning."

About the Book:

Enlarged and updated with information about newly flourishing wine-growing regions, enhanced coverage of viticultural practices, and additional winemaking terms, The New Wine Loverís Companion informs, advises, and enlightens readers with approximately 4,000 entries that describe wines produced all around the world. The A-to-Z entries describe grape varieties; wine styles; wine-growing regions; winemaking techniques; wine-testing terms; sizes and styles of glassware, wine bottles and wine openers; optimal temperatures for serving different wines; and much more. The original edition of this book was hailed by Jurgen Gothe of the Vancouver Sun as ďthe best new wine book in more than a decade. . . Ē and this new edition is better than ever. One of the many qualities that has made The New Wine Loverís Companion so popular is its accessibility. No wine snobbery here. The authors serve up solid information about vintages, varieties, and which wine goes best with which food in a relaxed, conversational style that doesnít intimidate readers. Following the A-to-Z entries, additional advice and information includes—

  • Tips on buying wine
  • Ordering wine in a restaurant
  • Understanding the information on wine bottle labels
  • Opening and serving wine at home
  • How to store leftover wine . . . and much more
Here is everything worth knowing about buying, storing, serving, and enjoying the worldís most civilized beverageówine! Includes extensive appendices, charts, a glossary, and a bibliography.

About The Authors:
Ron Herbst holds a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management and spent the better part of a decade working in various restaurants around the country. He is the co-author of three critically acclaimed books with Sharon Tyler Herbst, including The New Food Loverís Companion, which is currently featured on the Food Networkís website as their go-to food reference guide, The Deluxe Food Lover's Companion, and The New Wine Loverís Companion, all published by Barron's.

Sharon Tyler Herbst, was an award-winning author of many books on cooking and dining, a food and travel journalist, a media personality who made many appearances on national radio and television shows, a consultant and spokesperson for national food and beverage companies, and a past president of the International Association of Culinary Professionals. Her bestselling previous book for Barronís, Food Loverís Companion, was praised by The New York Times for being ďAs thick and as satisfying as a well-stuffed sandwich.Ē


Paperback / 768 Pages / 4 7/8 x 7 1/8 / 2017

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