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Kris Hirschmann; Illustrated by Elisa Paganelli - All books by this author

There's a whole great big world outside—so unplug and let's get out there! This book will help free you and your kids from the tyranny of the screen with 100 ways to beat the "I'm Bored" monster. You don't need lots of special materials, expensive toys, or planning to have a great time sans screens when you learn how to:
  • Have an Indoor Picnic
  • Start an Herb Garden
  • Go on a Car Scavenger Hunt
  • Build an Obstacle Course
  • Make Napkin Roses
  • Create an Artful Sandwich, and lots more.

Each project includes step-by-step instructions as well as a list of materials you'll need. With activities for cooking, crafts, gardening, and games, you'll have the perfect resource to keep kids active, engaged, and interacting with (gasp) PARENTS! So go ahead and get those kids off the couch, away from the game console, and off their phones. You'll all be glad you did! (Ages 7-10)

From the Reviews:
"This handbook offers 100 straightforward screen-free projects for readers to undertake when bored. These include indoor activities such as yoga, painting, making a fingerprint kit, and concocting silly slime, as well as outdoor projects such as planting an herb garden, making a slip and slide, and leaf jumping. Ways to avoid the "are we there yet?" question while traveling include making a travel scrapbook, creating a group story sentence-by-sentence, and dream interpretation: "Share your wackiest dreams with your journey-mates, then ask them to take turns explaining what they think they mean." Paganelli illustrates with color-accented line drawings and photo details, creating a lively presentation that invites casual perusing. Without proselytizing, Hirschmann gently urges readers to unplug ("Put that device down and get creative. Pick a page and try something new!"), while the loosely structured activities provide leeway for readers to come up with their own screen-free fun."
Publishers Weekly


Paperback w/flaps / 96 Pages / 6 3/4 x 9 3/4 / 2018

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