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Paint the Perfect Pebble
Denise Scicluna - All books by this author

Here's another great guide to "rocking out" from the bestselling author of Rock Art! Visual artist Denise Scicluna provides inspiration and advice for rock painting—a craft that's perfect for "kids" of all ages. Readers will discover:
  • Tips for finding and identifying rocks and preparing them for paint
  • Techniques for creating the perfect "rock" from polymer clay
  • A guide to gathering tools, from paint, pencils, and brushes to wood filler and varnish
  • Dozens of projects for bringing pebbles to life with personality and style
Projects include woodland creatures (foxes and squirrels), exotic animals (tigers and pandas), things with wings (birds, bees, butterflies), and other fun critters. With clear step-by-step instructions, lots of variations, and loads of inspiration, Rock Art Critters will soon have you on your way to creating your very own pebble pet coterie of cute critters just waiting to be brought to life with a little bit of paint and a whole lot of imagination. Get ready to rock on!

From the Reviews:
"Painting rocks has become a not-uncommon craft activity in recent years. This book focuses on decorating rocks with images of cute animals using acrylic craft paint. For each of the 40 creatures, step-by-step instructions accompanied by photographs describe how to create the look pictured. Some of the projects use the rock as a canvas and depict a portrait of the animal, while others treat the entire pebble as the creature itself and encourage the reader to find a rock with a suitable shape for that animal or insect. While the book is written for an adult audience, and an experienced hand may be required to achieve the level of detail pictured, the ideas are suitable for kids, and the instructions are general enough to allow for a high degree of personalization. The final chapter presents ideas for using these rock critters in games, décor, jewelry, and as writing prompts. The content here would make a relatively easy program, so this book may be of use to library staff as well as patrons."

About The Author:
Denise Scicluna
is a Londonbased visual artist who specializes in photography, painting, and crafts. She is interested in the “handmade” culture and often incorporates this concept in her projects and photo shoots.


Paperback / 128 Pages / 7 x 9 / 2018

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