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Discover the Science Behind Superpowers…and Become Supersmart!
Joy Lin, Illustrated by Alan Brown - All books by this author

Superpower Science - All books in this series

What if you had a superpower? What would you do if you could fly, read minds, teleport, or have superhuman strength? Superpower Science answers those questions with humor and a comic book twist as it follows the exploits of superheroes who must come to terms with their very human limitations in the real world.
In Masters of Matter you'll explore what would really happen if your superpower is shapeshifting or teleporting? Become a master of matter and learn why it truly does matter.
Each book in the series focuses on four superpowers and explains which scientific principles would come into play if the superpower existed—and how the body would be impacted. Kids will thoroughly enjoy these intriguing, action-packed books that help them understand complex concepts in a fun new way.

About the Author:
Joy Lin was named one of the most inspirational science teachers by TED Ed and has a featured series on their website. She is also a screenwriter and comedian, and presents superpower science theories at various Comic Cons.

Paperback / 32 Pages / 7 1/2 x 10 / 2019

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