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    Caryl Hart; Illustrated by Ali Pye - All books by this author

      Girls come in all different colors and sizes.
      They delight and amaze us.
      They're full of surprises.
      Girls can do anything they want to do.
      And if YOU are a girl . . .
      You can do these things too!
    Give that special girl in your life wings to fly with this enchanting book that's all about the things girls can do. Whether she dreams of being a vet that heals people's pets, a firefighter that braves the flames, an astronaut floating in deep, dark space, or a fearless jungle explorer, there's nothing that a girl can't do. One size definitely does not fit all in this book: charming depictions of girls being scruffy or fancy, neat or messy, and everything in between are explored and celebrated, because each girl is unique and unlike all others. Empower young girls everywhere and let them know that being told "you're such a girl" is the greatest compliment of all! (Ages 47, F&P Reading Level: L)

    From the Reviews:
    "Empowerment rocks! Narrated in bouncy verses this title catalogs the myriad possibilities that exist in being female and the varied activities that girls do. Girls with diverse skin tones, hair colors and textures, and clothing styles are presented as they explore, play sports, make art and music, conduct experiments in science. Refreshingly, some are depicted using wheelchairs or wearing glasses or hijabs...Leaves no doubts that girls are to be cheered on and reckoned with."
    Kirkus Reviews

    "'Girls Can Do Anything' is a wonderful read to show young girls that they REALLY CAN DO ANYTHING! This book shows girls of different colors and abilities dressed in different looks doing different kinds of jobs! It is so important to show young girl that they can skateboard or go to space one day if they want to! I read this to my first grade Girl Scout troop for their first meeting of this school year so I could help inspire them and to help point out that Girl Scouts is here as a platform for them to learn and grow into amazing women. This book should be read to all little girls ages 4-7!"
    Living In Random,


    Hardcover w/jacket / 32 Pages / 9 x 10 13/16 / 2018

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